I write for the Legacy Coalition and for a few reasons – one, I love being a grandma and everything about it, and two, I love to write and so the two things just seem to go together. But even more than these two reasons, I write because, most importantly, as I focus upon passing on a heritage of faith to my grandsons, I want to share what I learn with other grandparents.

With these things in mind, I want to share today about how I am praying for my grandsons (and family as a whole, too). One of the primary ways I pray, is to pray Scripture for my family.  I have two books I use for this – one takes me through the Old Testament with a year of weekly passages to pray specifically for my grandchildren (and children). The other does the same with the Book of Psalms.

Recently I prayed through Psalm 25, and I have to say, it was wonderful! I have been praying and asking God to make His ways known to my grandchildren – and family! I prayed they will remember God’s compassion and faithful love; how they have been able to see these things in their own lives in the past and will have open eyes to see it today . . . and in the future as well. I pray the will continue to choose to follow God’s way, all of their lives and will choose to seek Him, follow the path He puts before them and have hearts filled with worship to Him!

So often, far too often, the traps in this world look appealing – not at all like traps. They look like; “just the way people do things” and like there is nothing wrong with them. But, traps are traps, no matter how they are packaged. This is why I prayed Psalm 25 for my family and asked God to help them have eyes which are open, so they are not side-tracked or derailed and so they will be able to see the traps for what they truly are – traps. If, and when, they should find themselves in a trap, I pray they will look to God and trust Him to rescue them – He always will!

I very much enjoyed praying Psalm 25 for my family!

I love praying Scripture, because it is praying God’s Word, so it has to be in His will! And, praying Scripture helps me stay focused and keeps me praying intentionally. Praying for my family is important to me. I can not make them choose to follow, love and walk with God, but God can move in their lives. He can open their eyes and draw them to Him. There is nothing more important to me than this . . . and is why I pray intentionally by praying Scripture for my grandchildren (and children).


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