Grandparents Are Important To Their Grandkids

Grandparents Are In A Unique Position of Influence

Grandparents Have A Biblical Mandate



Grandparents are incredibly important to their grandkids. Grandparents are uniquely positioned to spiritually influence their grandkids. Grandparents have a Biblical mandate to do so.

Most Christians agree with these statements about grandparents, but so little is being done to challenge and equip this huge group — 30 million strong — of potential influencers. Yes, the grandparenting relationship has incredible potential for discipleship, but it is unrecognized and under-resourced. For example, many churches have a family ministry, which focuses on parenting, but nothing on grandparenting. And grandparenting is too often associated with a seniors ministry, which results in younger grandparents being overlooked and ignored. Resource providers, like speakers, authors, and Christian ministry organizations, largely neglect this audience as well. Finally, Christian grandparents themselves get caught up in a “retirement culture” that pushes them to pursue their own pleasure rather than invest in their grandchildren.

The gap between what is and what ought to be is enormous.

Why We Exist

Incredible Potential

Grandparents with incredible potential to influence the next generation — and a Biblical mandate to do it — are generally overlooked, under-resourced, ignored, and mislabeled.

Biblical Pattern

Christian grandparents are to influence multiple generations for Christ.

A Great Need

Grandparents themselves often lack vision, need support and community, or don’t know of tools which can help.

A New Course

A New Course

We believe it is time to chart a new course — to engage this incredible potential by envisioning, encouraging, and equipping grandparents — through ministries in the local church.

What We Do

The Dream

To know that our legacy of faith in Jesus Christ will outlive us in our grandchildren and the generations that follow.

The Vision

To build a coalition of ministries that champion intentional, Christ-like grandparenting.

The Mission

To be a platform for coalition ministries to engage the Church in the task of envisioning and equipping grandparents to impact future generations who know, love and serve Christ.

Our Beliefs

We hold to the Statement of Faith as adopted by the National Association of Evangelicals

“I’m excited to be a part of the Legacy Coalition and encourage grandparents to be intentional disciple-makers who pass a rich heritage in Christ to future generations.”

Josh Mulvihill

Executive Director of Church and Family Ministry,

“The Legacy Coalition is pioneering an initiative to equip the Church for a new frontier of ministry: connecting grandparents and grandchildren.”

Ken Canfield

Founder of the National Center for Fathering Author, 7 Secrets of Effective Fathers

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