September 17-18, 2020
Shades Mountain Baptist Church
Birmingham, AL


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In 2020, YOU can host the Legacy Grandparenting Summit live at your church! You can join the movement of intentional Christian grandparenting by hosting this incredible, life-changing event. Hundreds of grandparents in your church and neighborhoods will be impacted over two jam-packed days.

Summit19 Highlights

The Legacy Grandparenting Summit for 2019 is now history. We hope you can join us next time. Watch this video with highlights from the week and read what attendees have to say about this exciting event.

Audio and video of the conference is available on our Summit Media Resources page.

what attendees have said:

“Music really moved me to worship and tears.  Overwhelmed by the tremendous information given.  My wife and I loved it.”

“I’m overwhelmed, blessed by the love and care given by all the leaders, volunteers, sponsors, and vendors!  Thank you!  Wish this conference could continue another few more days.”

“I came with a heavy burden for my unchurched granddaughters.  I have gained some practical tools.”

“It was full of ideas and challenges but there was fun too.”

“Two weeks ago our youngest daughter and her husband separated with four young children.  God met me here with a lot of wisdom and hope for my grandchildren and family.”

“Very empowering!  The speakers were first rate as well as the worship!  This was a very valuable Summit with so many take-aways!  I learned so much about a subject I thought I already knew!”

“I’m in awe how well everything went and the efficiency of helpers!  More than worth the price!  Wow—the resources!  Awesome – overwhelming – encouraged!”

“This is a sign of God moving in a fresh area of need in a fresh way.  Great to see such a variety of resources in the resource center – encouraging to see things coming together!”

“It was perfect!  That ventriloquist was FAB!  Top drawer all the way…every aspect.”

“Fabulous summit!  Home runs all around!  You guys covered all the bases so very effectively!”

“I loved this conference.  It has given me direction and purpose on grandparenting intentionally, and even that it is a God-given role, and important!”

“Wow!  Can’t begin to share my feelings about Summit – enlightened, encouraged motivated, compelled, enriched and also shocked.  All we will share in our churches with small groups, and will pray for opportunity to spread the word about this great ministry.  In regards to our grandgirls, it will help us to be more intentional in our time together in so many ways.  Thank you and God bless you!”

“I was totally impressed by the quality of this conference.  I came away with an overload of pertinant ideas to marinate on and try to adapt to my situation.  Very well balanced between heavy information and fun and joy.”

“So well organized.  Everything was top notch.  Tired, but don’t want it to end!”

That was an amazing conference!!! It blew me away!! Everything went like clock work and every speaker was fantastic!!!! Boy, did I have a lot to learn, especially about the culture our grands are living in. Now I just need a few weeks to review my notes, read Chuck’s notes, and read all the books we got and make a plan!!

This event is sponsored by The Legacy Coalition.
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