When my children were young, I did not know about the power of giving them a Scriptural blessing, but with my grandsons, this is something I have made part of what we do. My three grandsons are young, eight, five and three, so for them I’ve “simplified” a bit Proverbs 3:5, 6 and we say it together at meals and bedtime.

Trust in God with all your heart and do not depend on your own understanding. In everything you think, say and do, think about God and He will make your path straight.

Even the three year old has learned this blessing and says it with gusto!

We have talked through what these verses are saying and what they mean. When the boys have difficult situations to face, we talk about how they may choose to trust God with their all, rather than depend on what they might think. When they question why grandma does not let them watch a show they might want to watch, we talk about how it matters what they think, say and do and this grandma wants them to think about God rather than the things in the show they wanted to watch. When they are not sure what to do, we talk about how when they trust God and think about Him, they can be sure He will make their path straight.

For us, this passage has become a blessing and so much more. Yes, I want a Scriptural blessing to use with my grandsons, but I also want them to understand what it means and how it changes their lives, because I want to be intentional when it comes to blessing my grandchildren. I want it to become something they hear from me and choose to live in their lives.