When it comes to my Top Five To-Do List of things I do with my grandchildren, three of these things are no-brainers: listen to them, have fun with them, and tell them I love them. All important things. All essential things. But the top two things on my list are the most important. These are things I must not fail to do. So, here’s #2 and #1 on my Top Five Things on My Grandparents To-Do List:

#2 – Pray for My Grandchildren

When it comes to praying for my grandchildren, I pray specifically. I ask God to open their eyes, draw them to Him and protect them from the evil one. I pray for them to be people who choose to love, know and walk with God. This world is scary, but God is bigger than I think He is—He is able to do so much more than I can begin to imagine! I pray because He can do what I can not do.

When I think about my Grandparents To-Do List, praying for my grandchildren is absolutely on the list.

Now we arrive at my #1 of all the Top Five Thing on my Grandparents To-Do List:

#1 – Point My Grandchildren to Jesus

No matter how much I do as a grandma, if I do not point my grandchildren to Jesus, nothing else will matter in the end. Yes, I absolutely believe each of the things on my Top-Five Grandparents’ To-Do List are important, but this is the most important. Nothing is more important than to help them know how very much God loves them.

Yes, I’ll share my faith with my grandchildren, but there has to come a point when it becomes their faith—a point where they choose to love and walk with God. This happens when they understand how very much God loves them. It is why helping them understand and embrace this is the most important thing on my To-Do List!

There are many more things on my Grandma’s To-Do List, but these five are definitely the most important things I can do to intentionally impact my grandchildren for eternity. What’s on your List?

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