Grandparents have opportunities to do and say things simply because we are grandparents. In my two previous posts I shared my Top-Five Things on my Grandparents To-Do List. I began with #5: Listen to Them; and #4 Smile, Laugh and Play… complete with generous amounts of hugs, kisses and snuggles. Now for the #3 thing on my list  . . .

#3 – Tell My Grandchildren How Much I Love Them!

This may seem like a no-brainer, but, sadly, there are grandchildren who never hear these words from their grandparents. The truth is all grandchildren need to hear the words: I love you! It matters. It makes a big difference.

My grandsons are blessed to have parents and grandparents who love them, and who say these words to them often. It is not uncommon for my grandsons to say, “I know it!” when I tell them I love them. Fortunately, they are also quick to say, “But it is okay for you to tell me again!” It is more than, okay… it is essential, and I am more than happy to oblige.

Think about it. Do you ever tire of hearing someone tell you how much they love you? My grandchildren will never tire of it either, and I will never tire of telling them. When it comes to my Grandparents To-Do List, telling my grandchildren how much I love them will most certainly be on the list. What’s on your ‘To-Do’ list?

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