Meet the Speakers – Finding Hope for Today Online Event

We have an incredible lineup of speakers for our upcoming FREE online event, Finding Hope for Today.

On September 17-20, you’ll get the chance to hear encouraging and inspiring messages from these five subject matter experts.

We are pleased to have John Stonestreet, Ken Canfield, Valerie Bell, Joannie Debrito, and Rob Rienow as our special speakers.

Take a few moments to get familiar with these terrific speakers who you’ll be hearing from.

Session 1: Helping Our Grandchildren Navigate the Cultural Forces

John Stonestreet will be discussing how we can share hope with our grandchildren regardless of what is happening in our culture.

He serves as president of the Colson Center for Christian Worldview and is a popular speaker on such topics as faith and culture, theology, worldview, education, and apologetics. He is the daily voice of BreakPoint, the nationally syndicated radio feature founded by the late Chuck Colson.

John has co-authored four books including A Practical Guide to Culture, Restoring All Things, Same-Sex Marriage, and Making Sense of Your World: A Biblical Worldview. He and his wife, Sarah, have four children and live in Colorado Springs, CO.

Session 2: Grandparenting Through a Pandemic

Dr. Ken Canfield will be sharing his latest research on grandparenting during this season of COVID-19.

He is the founder of several organizations dedicated to improving family well-being, most notably the National Center for Fathering, where he served as President for 16 years. He is currently the founder and president of the National Association for Grandparenting (, which he founded in 2016.

He is the author of numerous articles that are both popular and scientific. His books include the award-winning 7 Secrets of Effective FathersThe Heart of a FatherThe Adventures of Fatherhood Series and They Call Me Dad. His latest book is The H.E.A.R.T. of Grandparenting. Ken and his wife Dr. Michelle Watson Canfield have five children and fourteen grandchildren.

Session 3: Finding Hope When Doors Are Being Slammed Shut

Valerie Bell will be discussing how to find hope even when things aren’t going as planned.

Valerie is CEO of Awana Clubs International, as well as an award-winning author, speaker, and ministry leader. She is the author of many books including A Well-Tended Soul and Real Survivors: Finding Hope in Times of Crisis. Her latest book is Resilient: Child Discipleship and The Fearless Future of The Church.

Since 2016, she has served as the CEO of Awana, the global leader of child discipleship reaching more than 3.1 million children every week in 115 countries. Valerie is married to Steve Bell, an executive vice president of the Global Leadership Foundation. The Bells have two grown sons and six grandchildren.

Session 4: Focusing on Hope Through Difficult Circumstances

Joannie Debrito will be showing us how to keep our focus (and our family’s focus) on hope even when we’re facing challenges.

As the current Director of Parenting and Youth at Focus on the Family, Joannie draws from over 30 years of diverse experience as a parent educator, family life educator, school social worker, administrator, and licensed mental health professional.

Joannie has taught graduate-level counseling courses and facilitated seminars for couples and families. She credits her experience as a longtime wife and mother for her valuable education and insight into marriage and family life.

Session 5: Restoring Family Relationships

Rob Rienow will be speaking on hope for broken and strained relationships within the family.

He is the founder of Visionary Family Ministries, an organization with a mission to inspire parents and grandparents to disciple their children and grandchildren, to help couples create mission driven-marriages, and equip churches to build Bible-driven ministries. He also serves as a pastor at Gospel Fellowship Church in Wheaton, IL.

He is the author of Grand Vision for the Home (Awana), Visionary Parenting, (Randall House), and Never Too Late: Drawing Your Adult Child Back to Christ (Kregel). His latest book is Healing Family Relationships: A Guide to Peace and Reconciliation (Bethany House).


The Finding Hope online event will be hosted by a team from the Legacy Coalition staff:

  • Larry Fowler, Founder of Legacy Coalition
  • John Coulombe, Director of Development
  • Brenda Peitzman, Director of Seminars
  • Jane Larsen, Director of Connections

Special Guest:

Scott Wesley Brown will also provide music to stir our souls and comfort our hearts.

Scott is a veteran Christian artist, composer, and worship leader whose career has spanned over three decades with 25 albums recorded, 9 number one songs on Christian radio, and concert ministry in over 50 countries worldwide. He is the producer and one of the artists appearing on the albums “Legacy: The Joy of Intentional Grandparenting” and “Find Us Faithful” which are available from Legacy Coalition.

Registration is free, and you’ll have on-demand access to watch and re-watch the online event as much as you like from September 17-20.

Read More & Register for the Online Event

The sessions in this online event will speak to you whether you are a veteran grandparent of many years, a brand new grandparent, an expectant grandparent, or dreaming of becoming a grandparent.

Make sure you register so you don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to hear such gifted speakers on such an important topic!

5 thoughts on “Meet the Speakers – Finding Hope for Today Online Event”

  1. maryjean aposhian

    Please tell us what time of day the conference begins and each session will be aired , so we don’t miss a minute of this valuable conference. I am in California.

    1. Legacy Coalition Blog Team

      Finding Hope will be on demand therefore it is available to you whenever you would like to watch it, starting Thursday am and finishing Sunday pm. All three hours will be available from Thursday through Sunday so you just pick when to watch it. You can watch it all at once or over the four days. A link to access the free content will be sent to you by Wednesday evening. Just click and enjoy!

  2. Christine Pappageorge

    Very anxious to see the schedule of evens so I can plan my days accordingly. Will you be sending out a syllabus?

    1. Legacy Coalition Blog Team

      Finding Hope is a On Demand event therefore all 5 speakers are available when you receive the link later this evening. You choose when you want to watch as well as who you will watch. Their topics are listed on the blog so you can see what each speaker will be speaking on. If you still have questions please feel free to contact me again.

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