Ministry Administration

Mission Statement & Ministry Plan

There is a process for setting up a grandparenting ministry with a solid foundation. Two steps in this process are the formation of a mission statement and ministry plan. Both should be focused on Intentional Christian Grandparenting in purpose and practice. This document, which is the guide for an actual grandparenting ministry at a church, can serve as a model for other churches to utilize in forming their own basis for their grandparenting ministry.


Multigen-Intergen Ministry

One of the challenges to grandparenting ministry is the mistaken, culturally driven idea that it is only for “old people”, and not relevant for the church as a whole. This can become a barrier to a thriving ministry that reaches grandparents of all ages, and indeed the whole church family. This article drives right to the heart of the issue and helps share the true picture of a healthy grandparenting ministry in the local church that is multigenerational and intergenerational.


Discussion Guide

Legacy Grandparenting DVD with 10 Sessions helping churches to minister effectively to more than 30 million Christian grandparents is available at the Legacy Coalition “STORE”.

The Discussion Guide for this DVD is available here as a FREE DOWNLOAD.

The Discussion Guide for a group study includes a Summary and Discussion Questions for each of the following presentations from family ministry experts, starting with the founder of Legacy Coalition, Larry Fowler.

  1. Why Establish a Grandparent Ministry? By Larry Fowler
  2. What is the Biblical Role of a Grandparent? By Josh Mulvhill
  3. How to Pass Faith to Future Generations. By Cavin Harper
  4. Loving Grandkids in Scary Times. By Valerie Bell
  5. Never too Late: Encouraging Faith in Your Adult Children. By Rob Rienow
  6. Grandparenting Through a Child’s Divorce. By Linda Ranson Jacobs
  7. The Art of Single Grandparenting. By Cathy Jacobs
  8. Passing on a Heritage of Faith with Enthusiasm and Joy. By Lynda Freeman
  9. How to Pray and Read the Bible with Your Grandchildren. By Rob Rienow
  10. Unleashing the Power of Spoken Blessing. By Cavin Harper

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