Bring the Legacy Grandparenting Summit

to your Small Group!

What is the Small Group Option?

If there is not a simulcast site near you, the small group option provides an economical way for small groups of up to 20 people to experience the Legacy Grandparenting Summit. You’ll get all the live-stream content, reproducible PDFs of the conference materials, and the benefits that come from learning in a group setting.

How is this Small Group Option different?

How does the Small Group Option work?

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What are the technical requirements?

A television or projection system large enough to make viewing comfortable for your group, and then the ability to project the video feed, which comes through the internet, onto the television. Either a smart TV, or a computer with a HDMI connection should suffice.

You must have a download speed of at least 20 Mbps. For more technical information please go to the link below:

In:ciite Events will conduct a technology test in the weeks leading up to the conference. Every site, no matter how large or small, must participate in this test. There will be multiple opportunities to participate in this.

What is the limit on the group size?

The license is for up to 20 people, because this conference option is meant to serve small groups. If you have more than that, please purchase an additional license for each additional 20 people that you will have in your group. If you have more then 50 people you should consider and see if you qualify to become an official simulcast site that would be listed on the website. Contact us for more information.

What conference materials will we receive?
You will receive a reproducible PDF of the conference handbook and, once the license fee is paid, you’ll have access to a large library of downloadable publicity items.
How do we cover the cost of the license fee?
You may cover it through the church budget, find a donor to cover the cost, or spread it out among those who attend by charging your own registration fee.
What if we just have a group of grandparents that want to watch the conference in their home? Do we have to go through a local church?
The approach of Legacy Coalition is to work through churches as much as possible; therefore, we would prefer that you have a church sponsoring your gathering. However, in light of the difficulties brought on by the coronavirus, a group of grandparents can pay the license fee and receive the signal.
Can individuals just watch the conference from their computer?
We believe personal interaction greatly enhances learning, therefore we don’t offer an individual option. Mutual support and fellowship is a biblical concept, and gathering as a group makes the conference experience exponentially richer. Shortly after the Summit, video of event highlights will be available as an option.
Will individuals need to register under the Small Group Site option?
No. However, a part of each license agreement is that the site host agrees to collect the contact information for those in attendance and submit that to the Legacy Coalition, provided that the attendees give permission.

How do I get started?

submit an inquiry form

receive your instructions

Once your small group site is confirmed, you’ll receive detailed hosting instructions.

enjoy the summit!

On the day of the Legacy Grandparenting Summit, gather with your small group and learn from the comfort of your home.

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