Pre-conference Seminar


Thursday, February 21, 2019
10:00 AM to 11:30 AM

Join us Thursday morning for one of these informative sessions. You do not need to attend the Summit to enjoy one of these seminars, these are an opportunity for education and inspiration before the Legacy Grandparenting Summit begins. If you’re arriving early, what better way to spend your morning.

Choose any one of the following seminars.

Creating a Safe Place for the ‘God Questions’

Presenter: Chuck Stecker

One of the most important roles a grandparent can fill is that of the facilitator. As a facilitator, Grandparents are in a unique position to create a safe place for grandkids to ask their tough “God Questions.”  This may require Grandparents to learn some new skills and gain new understandings of what creates a “safe place” and how to listen differently. The goal of creating a safe place is to assist our grandchildren in finding their own personal faith.

The Five Pillars of Grandparenting

Presenter: Ken Canfield

This preconference session will integrate both biblical and research-based insights related to a grandparent’s role in the family.  Best practices and practical applications for grandparenting based on the five pillars of grandparenting: heritage, example, authority, reconciliation and teaching. This would be an excellent choice for new grandparents or anyone who desires to become a more intentional grandparent.

Rethinking Retirement: Maximizing the Impact of Your Grandparenting Years

Presenter: Hal Habecker

In this preconference session, you will be challenged to develop a vision for what God calls you to be and pursue during your retirement years. What shapes our convictions of how we view our retirement years? How much does culture shape our views? How does the Bible shape our views? How much does our Christian community shape our views? Join other grandparents in refining and refocusing your vision for what God is calling you to be “for such a time as this.”

So You Want to Establish A Grandparenting Ministry in Your Church?

Presenter: Ambassador Team

Come learn from other grandparents who have started a ministry to grandparents in their home churches. You will learn the next best steps to take as well as the possible challenges to overcome. Not only will you leave inspired and equipped with practical ideas, but you will connect with grandparents who will be available as you get started. This workshop will consist of testimonies and teaching as well as a panel discussion to answer all your questions.

Grandparenting When You Don’t Have a Perfect Family

Presenter: Dave Carder

Welcome to that part of the human race where preparation is impossible and expectations are dashed.  As disappointing and difficult as an imperfect family can be, you can still learn to do what you can, let go of what you can’t, and to be available to your grandchildren when opportunities arise. This pre-conference session will have two themes. Don’t make your grandchild pay for your pain, and don’t grandparent for what you get out of it. Come and learn new ways to pass on your faith and build memories with your grandchildren even when family relationships are strained.


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Details Price Qty
Creating a Safe Place for the ‘God Questions’ $19.00 (USD)  
The Five Pillars of Grandparenting $19.00 (USD)  
Rethinking Retirement: Maximizing the Impact of Your Grandparenting Years $19.00 (USD)  
Establishing a Grandparenting Ministry in Your Church $19.00 (USD)  
Grandparenting When You Don’t Have a Perfect Family $19.00 (USD)