Speakers Bureau

Legacy Coalition Speakers’ Bureau

As the movement for intentional Christian grandparenting grows, so does the demand for gifted, experienced speakers who have a passion for our mission. Through this speakers’ bureau, we assist in connecting speakers with opportunities.

All of the speakers below have been vetted, and qualify according to the following standards:

  • Agreement with the National Association of Evangelicals statement of faith.
  • A passion for intentional Christian grandparenting, and personal experience in living out this vision in their own family life.
  • Recognized giftedness and experience in teaching/or and preaching.
  • Can present intentional Christian grandparenting talks on at least three topics.

There are three categories of speakers:

  1. Legacy Coalition Staff. These folks are officially part of the Legacy Coalition team and represent the organization, in addition to representing the ministry vision.
  2. Legacy Coalition Pastors. These pastors focus a lot on filling pulpits and speaking to adult classes, gatherings, etc., in the local church. Each pastor is an approved associate of the Legacy Coalition.
  3. Legacy Coalition Partners. These ministry leaders are partners in the vision for intentional Christian grandparenting. They are leaders in other ministries, and we approve of their ministry and endorse them as gifted, capable speakers.

How to communicate with each speaker is listed under their profile.   The financial requirements for each vary, and can be discussed with the contact listed.

Larry Fowler

Founder, Legacy Coaltion

Wayne Rice

Summit Conference Director, Legacy Coalition

Bill Parkinson

Director, Legacy Coalition Pastors Division

George Posthumus

Teaching Pastor; Riverpark Bible Church