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It is our desire to create the largest resource hub ever, where Christian grandparents and church leaders will find resources, materials, events, etc. about intentional grandparenting. We are grateful to these ministries for sharing our vision and encourage you to visit and use their resources.


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I’ve always wanted to be a grandma! You see, I had a wonderful grandma that lived with us until I was 12 years old. There were 5 kids in my family, but with a stay-at-home mom, a dad with a flexible schedule, and a grandma, there was always plenty of love, attention, amusement, and learning activities for all of us.  I really enjoyed being a mom. My husband and I raised 2 children and loved (almost!) every minute of it.  All the time they were growing I was thinking of the things that I was getting to do with our children that I also wanted to do with our grandchildren.  We now have 4 grown children, two of those being the ones our kids married, and 5 grandchildren.  It was late December of 2008 when I realized that I hadn’t been able to put together a “grandma-ish” Christmas present for our first grandchild. One Sunday afternoon, between meetings and dinners and while Grandpa was taking a nap, I set up our video camera and recorded a “lion hunt”activity.  It was very quickly edited and sent out in the mail the next day so it could arrive for Christmas.  (You can see this on our website.)  Although our children told us how much they and our grandchild enjoyed the video, we were unprepared for their enthusiasm for sharing it with others outside our family. They strongly encouraged us to share and model the interaction we had with them while they were growing up and that we now have with our grandchildren. They thought that Grandma’s home video approach would do just that.  After all, if this grandma can do it, so can you!  So “mygrandmatime” was born.

We have many Bible lessons that can be used in the family environment.  Here’s one example:

We have ideas for interactive activities like:

We have books that deal with basic values in the areas of education, relationships, etc. –

We share family songs:

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