Conversations of Consequence



Why Are Grandchildren Leaving the Church and What Can Grandparents Do?

Speaker: Michael Bossman/Dan Britton/Julie Loos

Session: 1-06; November 2, 2017

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The legacy of faith in your grandchildren’s generation is being severely challenged. Why? How? What can you do? Your relationship with your high school and college-aged grandchild affords you a platform to have conversations of consequence—ones that can help them stand firm in their faith in a world hostile to it. You can be key in stemming the tide of the youth exodus from the church. Join this panel discussion, followed by Q&A, to explore solutions to those challenges. Panelists will include staff members from Ratio Christi, a campus ministry that equips students, faculty, and congregations to give scientific, philosophical, and historical reasons for following Jesus Christ.

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