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As a grandparent, do you know whether your family relationships and activities are in synch with The Family Trinity? Do you understand the differences between the Coaching, Instructing and Modeling styles of teaching and when to apply them (or not)? Have you adjusted to the fact that your children aren’t children anymore? When you learn about these ideas as well as the do’s and don’ts of spoiling, baby-sitting, and gift-giving, you’ll join many others who have had their behaviors changed by the principles explained by Paul and Diana in A Guide to Great Grandparenting. Come see how you can produce benefits that last for many generations by working alongside your adult children to help your grandchildren grow up to be fulfilled and confident Christ-following adults.



Speaker: Paul and Diana Miller

Session: 4-07; November 4, 2017


It may come as no surprise that grandchildren don’t want our money or gifts as much as they want our presence and personal attention. In this very practical session, family coach Tim Smith will share five habits that make memories and generate closeness with your grandchildren. You’ll learn how to develop meaningful relationships with your grandchildren and respond to each one based on their unique personalities and needs.


Speaker: Tim Smith

Session: 3-04; November 3, 2017


Because of a family disagreement, Sara has not seen her granddaughter since October of 2015. Unfortunately, Sara is not alone. No one knows the exact number of grandparents who aren’t allowed to see their grandchildren because most grandparents don’t or can’t fight for visitation rights. What can grandparents who aren’t allowed to see their grandchildren do about their situation? Through her blog, NanaHood.com, Teresa has met many grandparents in similar situations. This session shares some of their stories and offers information, help, hope and resources.


Speaker: Teresa Bell Kindred

Session: 2-05; November 3, 2017


Prayer is one of the most important and fulfilling practices for godly grandparents. But there are times when words fail us. We desperately want to feel connected to God but we feel empty and bereft of the right language. Ben and Lauretta Patterson know this feeling all too well and they have a solution that comes straight from the book of Psalms. There you will find the right words to express your joys and sorrows. Come to this session and learn how praying the Psalms can renew your heart and transform your prayer life.


The Power and Pleasure of Praying the Psalms

Speaker: Ben and Lauretta Patterson

Session: 4-02; November 4, 2017


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