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If you have been blessed with the grand opportunity of being not only a grandparent but a parent to one or more of your grandchildren, this session will give you a chance to share your experience and ideas with others who are on the same journey. Come ready to interact with hosts Dave and Connie Wills who are raising their grandchildren. They will be sharing from their story and they would love to hear yours as well. Come ready to learn how you can make the best of this special (and very challenging) time with your precious grandchildren.


Speaker: Hosted by Dave and Connie Wills

Session: 4-10; November 4, 2017


If your grandchildren live far away from you, this session will give you an opportunity to get some great ideas from other grandparents who have had to find ways to stay connected with their grandchildren across the miles. This session is also your opportunity to share your experience and ideas and interact with other grandparents who are on the same journey. Wayne and Marci Rice are themselves long-distance grandparents who want to hear from you!


Speaker: Hosted by Wayne and Marci Rice

Session: 4-09; November 4, 2017


"Your grandchildren and other young people greatly need your faith, morality, work ethic, etc. The very best of you can flow to someone young—but a pipe or a conduit must connect the two of you. If that pipe becomes disconnected, your influence will stop flowing. This seminar will use Scripture and research to explain that the “pipe” is a warm relationship (heart connection) with a member of the next generation. In addition, the seminar will present practical strategies for strengthening heart connections and even repairing connections that have been damaged."


Speaker: Richard Ross

Session: SS-6; November 3, 2017


In this session, Doug will share his “Legacy Ladder” toolkit and deliver a prescription to help you live a longer, more purposeful life. Research shows that taking action in 7 key areas can add years--maybe even decades--to your life. Each attendee will receive a FREE copy of his new book, which Kerby Anderson says "can literally change your life." His encouraging, practical, and relevant teaching will inspire and equip you to live--and leave--a lasting legacy, secure your future, build a strong family, develop an authentic faith, and make your life count.


Speaker: Doug Hagedorn

Session: 4-08; November 4, 2017


As a pilot for American Airlines, Steve was very close to the events of 9/11. Steve was originally scheduled to be the co-pilot on AA Flight 11, the first flight to be hijacked on Sept. 11th, 2001. Through an extraordinary set of divine circumstances Steve was bumped from that flight the night before by a more senior pilot. Now, he tells his deeply moving story of God's providence on that terrible day in our history. Come discover why God gave Steve a second chance and now uses him to teach parents all around the world to parent with purpose and urgency as he introduces you to The Nine Practices of The Proactive Parent. Intensely practical and Bible based, the Nine Practices of The Proactive Grandparent is designed to give grandparents both the tools they need and the hope necessary to build a Christ-centered character-driven home environment. Steve will unwrap the Three Pillars of Parenting, The Motivation Model, The Growth Continuum, The Proactive vs. Reactive Grandparent, and much more.


9 Practices of the Proactive Grandparent

Speaker: Steve and Megan Scheibner

Session: 2-10; November 3, 2017


Grandparents can have significant influence in their grandchildren’s lives, whether they live close by or far away, however one study notes that over 65% of grandparents have a grandchild or grandchildren who live over 200 miles from them. This session will examine best practices and strategies that help bridge physical distance using: planned visits, technology, letter writing, vacations, reunions, and packages/gifts to strengthen the grandparent/grandchild relationship. In addition, if prayer and other spiritual exercises are important to grandparents, how can long-distance grandparents develop these disciplines and experience a closeness which grandparents who live close by may not express or practice?


Strategies and Resources to Bridge the Divide

Speaker: Ken Canfield

Session: 2-02; November 3, 2017


Being a grandparent has its joys and responsibilities, one of which is to teach and pass on family values, history, identity, and spiritual life lessons. But what to do? This session will give ideas and practical applications for how to plan and carry out “Camp Grammy and Papa,” a unique immersion experience for your grandchildren that will make a world of difference in their lives ... and you’ll have a lot of fun doing it!


Speaker: John and Jacque Coulombe

Session: 1-02; November 2, 2017


Do you have an adult child who is struggling in their faith? Perhaps when they were young, they were growing in their walk with the Lord, but now they have turned away. Are you feeling frustrated in your efforts to offer them spiritual guidance? In this session, Dr. Rienow will encourage you with biblical and practical ways to deepen your relationship with your adult child and point them toward Christ. It is never too late!


Drawing Your Adult Children Back to Christ

Speaker: Rob Rienow

Session: SS-1; November 3, 2017


Your grandkids are changing fast and so is their world. Life as a child or teen in today’s world bears little resemblance to the world of your childhood. If you blink, you might be left behind, forfeiting your opportunity to effectively understand and lead your grandkids through the complex world of youth culture and into a God- honoring adulthood. In this seminar, Walt will take you on a practical and hope-filled flyover of some of the major trends in today’s rapidly changing youth culture that will equip you to leverage your relationship and influence in the lives of your grandchildren.


Understanding Today’s Youth Culture

Speaker: Walt Mueller

Session: SS-5; November 3, 2017


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