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When your grandchildren become teenagers, you will have the opportunity to enter into a new and special kind of relationship with them. Come to this breakout and learn from a veteran youth leader (and grandparent to two teenagers) about the mindset of adolescents today and the world they are growing up in. You’ll also get some practical tips for staying connected with your teen grandkids and helping them to make a smooth and healthy transition to adulthood.


Speaker: Wayne Rice

Session: 3-10; November 3, 2017


Can I have an impact on the lives of my grandchildren? What is the balance between helping and interfering with my grown children? Is it possible to establish a long-lasting family legacy for Christ? The answers to these questions and more are provided in this session by Steve and Megan Scheibner. A three-year nationwide study led Steve and Megan to develop this groundbreaking teaching for the extended family. As the homeschooling population ages and moves into the second generation the need to develop a family legacy of godly behavior becomes even more important. Topics include: Building A Family Legacy, Earning the Right to Be Heard, The Restoration Model and more.


Speaker: Steve and Megan Scheibner

Session: 3-09; November 3, 2017


All grandparents are faced with “sticky situations” from time to time which complicate their grandparenting years and require real wisdom. Tim and Darcy will discuss such issues as “How much money should we give our grandkids? When is money a blessing or a curse? When is it OK to ‘spoil’ our grandkids? How should we treat our grandkids when their parents are going through a divorce? What should we do if and when our grandkids come to live with us? What about long-distance grandparenting? How can we stay in touch and be good grandparents across the miles?


Speaker: Tim and Darcy Kimmel

Session: SS-4; November 3, 2017


In this session, you’ll learn to see children with special needs as God sees them. These children often have perplexing questions about faith. They need grandparents who can help them find answers in God’s Word and show them how to walk with Jesus to the best of their ability. You’ll also discuss twelve, practical methods of sharing the gospel with special-needs children.


Speaker: Pat Verbal

Session: 1-07; November 2, 2017


Digital natives. . . that’s who our grandkids are. Unlike us, they’ve been born into a hyper-connected digital world. Technology has not only changed the landscape, it’s changing the nature of growing up. . . which in turn is shaping our grandkids, including the way they think, talk, and act. In this seminar, Walt will get you started on a journey to understand what is arguably the most powerful cultural force in today’s youth culture, along with practical and hope-filled biblical responses that will equip you and the grandkids you love to live Christianly on the digital frontier.


Speaker: Walt Mueller

Session: 3-01; November 3, 2017


Jean Thomason (AKA “Miss PattyCake) shares her insights gleaned from more than twenty-five years in preschool children’s ministry. Sharing God’s Big Love with Little Lives will affirm your belief that God has put a child or children in your life on purpose. Using Scripture, humorous anecdotes, and insightful research, Jean will help equip you with skills necessary to influence and guide your young grandchildren as they grow to be all God has created them to be.


Speaker: Jean Thomason

Session: 3-08; November 3, 2017


Some of the most significant moments of impact you will ever have with your grandchildren will be through times of prayer and reading God’s Word with them. In this workshop, Dr. Rienow will equip you with biblical, practical, and funs ways to engage the hearts of your grandchildren and point their hearts to Jesus. These times of “generational worship” will become special memories and leave a powerful legacy for generations to come.


Speaker: Rob Rienow

Session: 1-01; November 2, 2017


Do you want to help your grandchildren embrace a biblical view of marriage? This seminar is based on Josh’s book Preparing Children for Marriage. American culture communicates powerful messages about dating and marriage, and young people without strong consistent biblical teaching and godly example are likely to be influenced toward non-biblical lifestyles. In this seminar, you will be equipped to teach your grandchildren key biblical truths about marriage. You will walk away with a Bible study and discussion questions to guide conversation with grandchildren.


Speaker: Josh Mulvihill

Session: 4-05; November 4, 2017


To minister effectively to grandparents in the local church, you don’t necessarily have to create another age- segregated ministry targeting older adults. Perhaps the better solution is to find ways to integrate older adults of the congregation into the existing programs and ministries of the church where the young people are (and vice versa). As “Pastor to Generations”, Wayne Rice helped one congregation move from being an age-segregated church to an intergenerational church. Come and learn from his experience and share ideas of your own on how churches can bring the generations together once again.


Speaker: Wayne Rice

Session: 1-08; November 2, 2017


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