If you have been reading my posts here on the Legacy Coalition blog and facebook page for the past year, it does not take long to realize I care very much about passing on a heritage of faith to the three sweet rascals with whom God has blessed my life – otherwise known as my three grandsons! It also does not take long to see I am intentional about praying for them. I know God hears, listens to and answers my prayers; it is the most powerful thing I can do for my grandsons. So, when I found the following idea on Pinterest, I knew it was something I would try for sure!

First of all, let me share with you something my grandson Josiah said to me a few years ago when he was just four years old. He walked up to me one day when he was at my house, and as seriously and as matter-of-fact as you can imagine, he said; “When people get old, they get holes in their brains.” Then, with his brown eyes twinkling and a big smile on his sweet face he said; “This is why you forget things, grandma!” I did mention my grandsons are little rascals, didn’t I?! Well, at least he is a very sweet rascal, because he followed this very “rascally” thing to say to his grandma with a hug!

Well, it is true, I do forget things sometimes. We all do. God knew this about us (not necessarily the part about the holes in our brains) and this is the very reason why in Numbers 15 He told His people to wear tassels on the bottom of their robes. It was not to make a fashion statement. It was for a specific purpose – to help them remember God. Each time they saw the fringe, they could be reminded of God and how they belonged to Him and they needed to obey His commands.

I appreciate reminders – it is why I wear a necklace with photos of my grandsons. Each time I see or touch it, I am reminded to pray for them! Along with providing me an opportunity to show others how sweet my three rascals are (I am a grandma, after all!) it is a reminder for me! And the idea I found on Pinterest follows this idea. What is the idea?

It is an idea for making paper handprints of each of your grandchildren’s hands – no matter their age. Have your grandchildren draw or write a specific prayer request from them to you on their paper handprint. Then cut them out and keep them in your Bible. Each day as you read, you’ll see – and remember – your grandchildren and their requests. As God answers, they may send or give you a new handprint with their new request. For grandchildren who live a distance from you, send them paper (perhaps in each child’s favorite color) and ask them to trace their hands and draw/write a request on it for you to pray about for them, then send it back to you.

Plus, then on the back of each handprint, write a verse which God has laid on your heart to pray for them, individually. If you have a grandchild who has not yet turned to God, you might pray John 3:16 or John 12:36 for them. For a grandchild who is struggling with temptation, you might pray Ephesians 6 and ask God to help them put on His armor. Ask God to give you a verse for each grandchild – He will!

There is nothing more powerful or important which we as grandmas (or grandpas) can do for our grandchildren than to entrust them into God’s hands . . . there is no better place for them! As much as we love our sweet rascals, God loves them infinitely more. So, try this simple way to be intentional about praying – and remembering!

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