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Are you ready to “Grandparent on Purpose?” For some of you, this seminar will affirm the good things you are already doing with your grandkids. For others, it will shake your world and give you a brand new perspective on what it means to be an intentional Christian grandparent. Whether you are on one end of that spectrum or the other – or in the middle somewhere – you are going to be deeply impacted by the few hours of time you choose to invest.

Our desire is that you go away with new inspiration, encouragement, and tools to help you realize your potential to grandparent successfully. You will unlearn some things, and relearn others. Your passion for your grandkids will be kindled even higher, and you’ll go away changed. More importantly, those precious grandchildren of yours will benefit, and they will never be the same because you have listened, learned, and grown in Biblical wisdom.

Attend one of our seminars near you. If your church would like to host one of these seminars, contact Brenda Peitzman, Director of Grandparenting Seminars.  She will be delighted to give you more details!

What Others Say

“Our 15 people all considered this conference a 20 out of 1-10 for them.”

“As a very new grandparent this has challenged me to examine what I can do now and steps to prepare for future interactions with my grandson and future grandchildren.

I attend a Grandparenting Matter’s conference first as a participant. We then hosted our own conference at our church. As a participant I was already an intentional grandparent but the first conference inspired me to hone my skills and armed with my new ideas, I took them back to get even better at sharing myself and my faith with my grandchildren.

Then we held the conference and from all over, pastors, elders, ministry leaders said, “Wow!” what a fantastic way to gain new ideas and insights on Biblical Intentional Grandparenting.

As a ministry leader, I have caught the vision of inspiring a generation of grandparents to leave legacy of faith, not only with their own grandchildren, but also as workers with children in ministry at our church.

If you are grandparent and have desire to pass on your legacy of faith, then the Grandparenting Matters Seminar is definitely for you!

Barry Ferguson, Pastor of Administration and Care,
Calvary Church, Lancaster PA

“Opened my eyes, engaged my heart, and educated my head about an overlooked area that God has much to say.”

I would be lying if I said that we were really excited to go to the seminar. In fact we both felt like we were pretty good grandparents and that you may have a few good tips, but nothing earth shattering.  Wow………. were we ever wrong. We left the seminar and talked about it nonstop for the hour that it took us to drive to a graduation party. Then at the graduation party we told anyone who would listen all about it. The next morning II went to the front porch and pulled out my notes from the seminar and started writing a sports blessing for all of my grandkids who play sports. We were blessed way beyond what we deserve!

lexington ky

February 14-15, 2020

Event Location:
Tates Creek Christian Church
3150 Tates Creek Road
Lexington, KY 40502

For more information contact:
Kim Beckwith

Information and Registration


February 28-29, 2020

Event Location:
Dawson Memorial Baptist Church
(Fellowship Hall or Chapel)
1114 Oxmoor Road
Birmingham, AL 35209

For more information contact:
Jim Gifford, Minister of Adults

Information and Registration


February 29, 2020

Event Location:
Fellowship Baptist Church
4701 Winchester Pike
Columbus, OH 43232

Church Phone: 614-837-5807

For more information contact:
Pastor Dave Liuzzo

Information and Registration

pataskala oh

April 4, 2020

Event Location:
Tri-Village Christian Church
7509 E Broad St SW
Pataskala, OH 43062

For more information contact:
David Brown, Associate Minister

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