When it comes to being intentional about passing faith to our grandchildren, we may feel intimidated. It is, after all, the most important thing we will ever do. But, while it is essential, it is not difficult; and most certainly something we should not fear. It can actually be rather simple.

Take for example, something I did the other day with my grandsons. Yes, they are young – eight, five and three, but this particular activity is one most any age of grandchild could do, understand and, most importantly, remember. My husband and I gave each of our grandsons a balloon – being the ages they are, this in and of itself was a hit, so I knew we were going to have their attention for this project!

Once the balloons were blown up and tied off, we had them rub their balloons on the floor or their hair. Then we showed them how to hold their balloons just a bit above their heads or a piece of tissue paper – they were delighted to see their hair (in the mirror) or the tissue paper “stick” to their balloons!

Then we talked about how just like their hair and the tissue paper “stuck” to their balloons, they could make the choice to “stick” to God! We looked at Daniel and how he chose to “stick” to God; even when doing so meant he was going to be thrown to the lions.

My grandsons told me they wanted to, “stick” to God like Daniel did! I’m a happy grandma! I told them whenever they see a balloon, they can remember they can make the choice to “stick” to God!

Simple, fun and memorable . . . sometimes being intentional about passing on faith is not really so very difficult!


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