This Sunday – June 11th, is Children’s Day . . . yes, it is a real holiday! (If you look it up on Google, it says the USA celebrates Children’s Day on the second Sunday in June – this has been the official date since the 1800’s – I really did not make this holiday up!!!)

My grandsons look forward to celebrating Children’s Day. This year we are making s’mores, having hot dogs, melon and rootbeer floats . . . yes, they chose the menu! Since it will be warm out, we will also have a full-scale water war with squirt guns and the water hose. I’m quite sure I will be drenched!

And, along with the fun (and we will have lots of fun), I plan to use this day to be intentional about reminding my grandsons how much I love them, how very thankful I am God blessed our family with each of them, and how much He loves them!

I love Children’s Day – one of my favorite days of the year . . . for very good reason!


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